Dry scraping noise while braking what is the problem?

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Dry scraping noise while braking what is the problem?

Сообщение kesizewi » 12 мар 2018, 11:10


I heard a small scraping noise while braking, today i drove somewhere for like 5 mins when returning home the scraping noise was really loud while braking as approached my drive way it was so loud that my mom came out the house and asked what the hell that noise was. Even though it makes this scraping noise the brakes still operate perfectly. So 5 mins later after exiting the car and leaving it outside it rained for about 10 mins as i got back in the car the noise was still there but very quite, after that as i braked the sound is very quite but at times the noise does come back after I randomly use my brakes but the scraping noise is not really that loud when i do here it again but the brakes still operate perfect even when the noise is present?

Please help.

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