Subwoofer making a constant knocking sound when not in use

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Subwoofer making a constant knocking sound when not in use

Сообщение Jessebarker » 01 июн 2018, 13:55


I've got a 6 year old JBL 10" subwoofer (home theater sub, not a sub for a car) that has suddenly taken to making a constant rhythmic knocking sound, even when not in use by the receiver. The sound is similar to a hammer (somewhat high-pitched for a sub) against wood, and it is about once a second.
I awoke to it doing this last week and had to pull the power plug to get it to stop. Plugged it back in after a day and have used it a few times during the week without issues. Then today, I awoke to it making the sound again and had to pull the power.
I guess I'll just replace it if it's truly met it's end, but I didn't know what would cause that or if there's something simple I might to try to fix it. I've tried a different surge protector, but that's about it?

Please help.

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