Mazda 3 Door Drain Plugs

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Mazda 3 Door Drain Plugs

Сообщение depprussell » 21 июн 2018, 11:48


Now, just the other day I noticed that there's a 'swishing' sound inside the car doors when the car brakes abruptly. I read a little about it and it seems the drain holes underneath the doors may have been clogged, so I groped underneath the doors and found what seemed like drain plugs. I tried to remove the plugs but it seems they wouldn't come off but I could press them down. And wouldn't you know it... water started to drip out of the drain plugs! There was SO MUCH WATER you'd think someone spilled a small can of water beside the car after I was done draining it! I did the same thing for the other doors and water came out from all of them! Now, I know this is a 9-year old car but we've had cars before that stayed with us for a fair bit longer and AFAIK they never had this sort of thing happen. Is this thing common with Mazda vehicles? The fact that water seems to be stuck inside all four doors seem to suggest they either need to be drained periodically (every what, 9 years?) because the window seals that are supposed to prevent water from getting inside the doors when it rains aren't perfect seals and water still tends to get in, OR the water deflectors inside the doors are starting to warp (all four doors at the same time?) and no longer work properly, which causes water to get in. Still, with drain plugs Mazda obviously knows water will inevitably get in. But why do the drain plugs need to be pressed down to let water out? Shouldn't water be able to drain out without doing anything so it doesn't accumulate? For FWIW the water doesn't get to the carpet.

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Re: Mazda 3 Door Drain Plugs

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Re: Mazda 3 Door Drain Plugs

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