Buying a 2017 Mazda 3 new for $15k?

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Buying a 2017 Mazda 3 new for $15k?

Сообщение depprussell » 27 июл 2018, 12:39


MSRP is around 20,030.
Lowest offer I've gotten is $15.5k
This includes $2000 manufacturer cash back, and $1000 APR cash back, plus the rest being a discount given by the dealer.
I might be able to stack $500 loyalty discount as well.

However, the $1000 APR cash back requires taking a 0.0% loan up to 63 months.So... I have the cash to buy outright, but the loan seems to make sense for the cash back. That said how long a loan makes sense. Is the longer the better with 0% APR to keep as much in the bank earning 1.11% interest (currently)?

Please help

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