Does anyone have any info regarding those systems?

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Does anyone have any info regarding those systems?

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I was in Miami for Memorial Day. It was nice! I guess I'm an old person now.

It became obvious on Saturday that car stereo technology has progressed significantly. Some dude was blasting Young Jeezy at F-22 takeoff volumes (an appropriate comparison because I heard an F-22 taking off earlier in the day), but the sound quality was exceptional. I know it was Young Jeezy because I was able to use my phone to identify the artist, even though I was about 500 feet away from the source according to google maps. I don't think if Young Jeezy was playing on stage it would have sounded nearly as loud or as good. Usually those things sound like a mess, but it sounded incredible. It's possible some nutjob just drove a flatbed down Collins Ave with an insane sound system - I didn't actually see the vehicle. Regardless, it sounded way better than any outdoor festival show I've ever heard.

Does anyone have any info regarding those systems?
Please help.

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