Some games not closing properly. Steam problem?

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Some games not closing properly. Steam problem?

Сообщение ricardobrooks » 10 авг 2018, 11:43


I've noticed that two games I play don't close properly: Space Marine and Saints Row 2. Both games appear to close normally, but the system is visibly sluggish after exiting the programs. Moving windows around on the desktop caused movement stutters. Previews from the taskbar took ever-so-slightly too long to appear. I loaded the nvidia system monitor, and my GPU was way above usual desktop temps (~60C instead of ~40C). While gaming, my GPU usually runs about 75C, so 60C is a weird in-between point.
The task manager doesn't show the apps open, and I can't see anything in the process list that looks obviously wrong. So far I've been resetting the machine, but that's pretty annoying. I play both games through Steam, and I've never had the problem with a non-Steam game, but I'm not convinced that Steam is the problem. But what is? Is there any good way to figure out what process I need to kill?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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